Technical Expertise

We have experience of wide rage of technology available to implement your ideas

At dB Tech Ltd we have over 30 years of commercial design experience in the Pro-Audio industry and have the technical expertise to allow us to deliver a technically sound and cost effective solutions.

Working with you to make your design or idea into a functional prototype or a design optimised for production we provide a balance between design time and production cost with our extensive knowledge of ‘design for manufacture.

Software is the key component of most electronic products. dB Tech Ltd. is skilled in providing a balanced hardware and software solution.


Direct examples

  • 8 channels + Master with 100mm faders
  • Embedded DSP, CPU, FPGA system design
  • System level ‘C’ and parallel assembly code with Ti Fixed / Floating point DSP, dsPIC32, and Motorola 58/56xxx series DSP, micro-controllers ARM Cortex M3, PIC, Hitachi, Infineon
  • Analog circuit design
  • DSP design of audio processing effects
  • Design of ADC/DAC converter circuits
  • Experience using ADC and DAC convertors from Ti , Wolfson, Crystal, AKM, Analog devices
  • PCB layout of high speed digital signals using balanced traces and multiple ground planes
  • PCB design and layout for low noise Mic/Line pre-amps, high speed uP’s/DSP/PLD, PSU’s
  • Digital audio communication links using MADI, AES/EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK, TDIF, ADAT
  • Serial data comm’s using USB, MIDI, RS232, SPI, I2S, LVDS.
  • DSP/CPU intelligent motor controllers
  • CE mark EMC Immunity and Emission design considerations, near field EMC emissions and Immunity, Electrostatic discharge
  • Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your design