R & D

Research and development

dB Tech Limited is a company at the leading edge of audio development. It’s specialty is in producing the latest digital Pro Audio designs for some of the most prestigious companies in the music world.

Example product

Tuning in World Wide

dB Tech Ltd of Buxton has developed an exciting new product aimed at top guitarists in the music industry. All musicians – even great guitarists like Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page have had to manually tune their guitars, which can be very inconvenient in the middle of a live concert. However, with the pioneering invention of a device that automatically tunes an electric

guitar to a faultless pitch, musicians will never be out of tune again and can furthermore explore the creative rhelms of “fast access tuning”.

The Buxton company is working closely with the inventors of this new idea, which has already caught the interest of top manufacturers around the world. The famous Fender Stratocaster and Yamaha range of guitars are waiting to be the first to feature the new technology.


dB Tech Ltd is currently developing a revolutionary range of DSP guitar effects that will generate a new creative freedom for professional guitarists.