Motor Control

From single prototypes to production run

All designed with CE / EMC standards in mind.


Previous designs include:

Motor Controllers for Audio consoles, Instruments, Disability aids, Animatronics and Toys.
Programmable torque, speed, acceleration, dynamic current limiting, positional feedback , analog or digital control. Thermal protection, low voltage cut off , magnetic tacho.


Motor control for an audio mixing console
Touch sensitive motorized faders, current limited motors, USB or MIDI control.

To provide cost effective manufacturing solution we can control the speed and position of many motors from a single DSP or micro controller.

Motor control for a self tuning guitar
Frequency sensing feedback, Automatic coefficient calibration, PP3 battery low power design.

Robot feeding appliance
3 limb robotic arm, senses pressure/weight, Fails safe, Dynamic current limited torque, High precision position, programmable from a PC spreadsheet, wireless controllable via Bluetooth.